Gourmet Paper Mache


Gourmet Paper Mache is the name paper-mache artist Dan Reeder works under. He sculpts his pieces with paper mache balls and then adds a skin “cloth mache”. He makes a variety of different sculptures, but his main focus is on creating dragons. The process of making these pieces is documented by him on his YouTube channel.

The way he elevates a process, that a lot of people have experienced as children, to a level where such intricate and beautiful sculptures are created is amazing. My favourite element of his work is the texture he creates by using multiple layers of paper in an iterative process. This is what really adds to the immersion of the pieces, as they not only look realistic but they also feel realistic. His sculptures would work well for the character design process, and creating character models, although they do lack the dynamic element that would elevate them to a point where they could be used for motion work.

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuCyQNz9JhU?ecver=2

Featured Images: https://gourmetpapermache.com/my-paper-mache/

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